Versailles Lavender Earl Grey

Versailles Lavender Earl Grey

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Versailles Lavender Earl Grey

Flavor Profile: A floral take on an English classic French Lavender soothes the bright bergamot and caramel notes of Earl Grey.

Ingredients: Black tea, Lavender & Cornflower petals, and Natural flavors.

Brewing instructions: Bring water to 100ºC/212ºF. Use 1tsp of loose tea per cup. Steep 3-5 minutes in hot water.

Louis XIV was always known for his fondness for fresh lavender from the French countryside. He was so fond of it that he demanded to be bathed in lavender scented water every morning. In 1658, he even issued a royal decree ruling exactly how lavender was to be used to scent soap! The man seriously loved his Lavender. So, when it came time to blend a tea in honor of this ancient royal, it only seemed fitting that we blend it with the King's favorite flower. Aside from being a lover of lavender, Louis XIV was also revered at the time as quite a statesman. So, since it

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