Loose Leaf Tea

Fine quality loose leaf teas. As we know, good teas never go extinct.

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White Tea Gift Basket
White Tea Gift BasketWe've taken the liberty of putting a little something special together. Maybe i..
Whizzgig Flavor Profile: A sweet, stalwart and energetic (if loud!)..
Will Flavor Profile: A thoughtful tisane, for when you have a foreboding gloom that come..
Will's Lodge
Will's Lodge Flavor Profile: Early morning woods, still foggy. This white tea tastes of calming c..
Windsor Castle
Windsor CastleFlavour Profile: Unique and somewhat rare, as stout and resilient as the monarchy, and..
Winter Forest
Winter Forest   Flavor Profile: A cup that contains all the aromas and flavors of a ..
Winter Palace Marzipan (Rooibos)
Winter Palace MarzipanFlavor Profile: Enjoy the sweet almond-like flavors in this naturally caffe..
Wintergreen Soldier
Wintergreen Soldier Flavor Profile: When you need back up, this green tea will be with you 't..
Woman Inherits the Tea
Woman Inherits the TeaFlavor Profile: The Cleverest girl, fearless in the face of impossible odds. T..
Ya Shi Xiang (Duck Sh*t)
 Ya Shi Xiang (Duck Sh*t)Flavour Profile: A golden cup with a floral finish, and a honey swe..
Yerba Mate (green)
Yerba Mate (Green)Flavour Profile: Lush and vegetative, with a caffeine punch that rivals strong ..
You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Green Tea
You Wouldnt Like Me When Im Green Tea   Flavor Profile: A green tea wi..
Young Pu-Erh
Young Pu-ErhFlavor Profile: This tea is famed for its medicinal properties. The leaves come from the..
Zephyr  Flavor Profile: Fresh and fearless, let the warm tones of rooibos warm your hear..
Zesty Tulsi
Zesty Tulsi Flavor Profile: Sweet and peppery, with citrusy notes of licorice, and warm spice..
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