Organic Pearl Green Matcha

Organic Pearl Green Matcha

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Organic Pearl River green is still plucked and processed in the same way it was so many hundreds of years ago. With this blend, what differs is the patented method by which this leaf has been ground to produce matcha. To make it, only the finest leaves are processed and ground using a traditional Japanese stone grinder to powder the tea. Once powdered, the leaves fully release their rich antioxidant and polyphenol content and develop the thick, grassy character for which it has come to be prized.


Pure, clean, refreshing, healthy and lightly astringent. A perfect green tea for a good life.

 Hot tea brewing method:

Bring filtered or freshly drawn water to a rolling boil and let cool to roughly 180°F/82°C. Place approximately of a teaspoon of Matcha in your cup. Infuse with 8oz/250ml of water, whisk briskly and enjoy.

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