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French Blend
French BlendFlavor Profile: Rich Assam and sprightly Nilgiri Ceylon blend with leaves from Kenya and..
French Vanilla Pu-erh
French Vanilla Pu-ErhFlavor Profile: The heady flavor of rich vanilla meets coffee and cocoa fo..
Frenemy  Flavor Profile: Challenge yourself with this sassy, tart cup that will push y..
FruitjitsuFlavor Profile: We've sliced and diced a veritable salad of fruits into this healthy and..
Fruits of the Oracle
Fruits of the Oracle   Flavor Profile: This lush black tea is rich with blackberry ..
Full Mate Alchemist
Full Mate AlchemistFlavor Profile: Gain the power to transmute your drowsiness into energy with thi..
General Princess Space Mom
General Princess Space Mom   Flavor Profile: Let this tea guide the Rebel Leader in ..
Genmaicha Yamasaki
Genmaicha Yamasaki Flavor Profile: This is a specialty Japanese green tea (normally a high g..
Gessence of Elfling
Gessence of ElflingFlavor Profile: We have not drained the life essence of adorable, endangere..
GhostFlavor Profile: You are sure to feel a destiny bond with this white tea that is both soft, and..
Ginger Bounce (Rooibos)
Ginger Bounce (Rooibos)Flavour Profile: Put a little bounce in your cup! Bright ginger notes with a ..
Ginger Turmeric
Ginger Turmeric Flavor Profile: Strong and spicy, with warm notes that will make you feel cozy fr..
Gingerbread Flavor Profile: The warm notes of ginger and sweet cinnamon make this a cup of whistf..
Ginseng Oolong
Ginseng OolongFlavor Profile: Mild, with a licorice-like after taste, these tiny rolled oolong leave..
Goku Flavor Profile: A tea for the pure of heart, light and sweet, this tisane will give you the..
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