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Dagon's Deep
Dagon’s DeepFlavor Profile: There’s nothing fishy about this deeply herbaceous oolong, which is only..
DhampirFlavor Profile: Half of this ethereal white tea wants to step in close enough to bite out y..
Green Drake
Green Drake Flavor Profile: This sharp-witted green tea deduced that you are in need of a ..
Flavor Profile: This tea is a strange brew, not unlike the experience of being reborn in a stra..
Jonathan Flavor Profile: A contemplative black tea, for when you need to piece toget..
RoshiFlavor Profile: This musty herbal pu erh is a powerful brew, no matter it’s age. Pay attention..
Sage Leaves
Sage LeavesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Savoury, with hints of an english herb garden. Dry ..
SteelFlavor Profile: A meteor mash of black tea and herbal notes of sage and rosemary to deliver a ..
UncrossingFlavor Profile: Reverse the curse, and break the hex! This tea was designed to help undo a..
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