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It's Over Isn't It
It’s over isn’t ItFlavor Profile: A tea to comfort you, when moving on is hard. The aroma of flower..
Jasmine Orchard Oolong
Jasmine Orchard OolongFlavor Profile: Unforgettable: Orchid oolong notes blend with floral jasmine, ..
Kilmory Whiskey
Kilmory Whiskey  Flavor Profile: Malty like a proper Scottish Whiskey, with a hint of sm..
Leader of the Pack
Leader of the PackFlavor Profile: This blend is for those of us who have been there, done that, and ..
Madagascar Almond Spice (herbal tea)
Madagascar Almond SpiceFlavor Profile: A sweet fruity melange with a slightly bitter nutty un..
MidsummerFlavor Profile: Bask in the warmth of the midsummer sun while sipping this sprightly mix of..
OstaraFlavor Profile: All the energies of the awakening and fertile earth of spring await you in thi..
Prince of Wales
Prince of WalesFlavor Profile: Full bodied and regal, this blend of Assam, Ceylon, Gunpowder green t..
Pumpkin Chai-Hulud
Pumpkin Chai-HuludFlavor Profile: A tea that is dangerous, but gives insight. A tea that unlocks t..
Rainbow (Rooibos)
Rainbow (Rooibos)Flavor Profile: This colorful medley blends flowers and oils to form a veritable..
Rhubarb Cream
Rhubarb CreamFlavor Profile: An exquisite flavour reminiscent of fresh rhubarb pie. Sweet, tart, and..
Santa's Milk And Cookies
Santa's Milk and CookiesFlavor Profile: Reminiscent of dipping biscuits in milk, this sweet treat w..
Shub-NiggurathFlavor Profile: This black tea of the woods will haunt you with its tendrils of smoky ..
Smoked Maple
Smoked MapleFlavor Profile: The essence of a campfire, artfully blended with sweet maple. This bold ..
Snow Maple
Snow MapleFlavor Profile: A soft brew, reminiscent of childhood memories of pouring maple syrup onto..
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