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Thai Lemon Ginger (Rooibos)
Thai Lemon Ginger (Rooibos) Flavor Profile: Tart, tangy, and sweet, this Rooibos will rock your s..
The Way
The WayFlavor Profile: We swear on our name and the names of our ancestors that this white tea will..
This is My Tisane
This is My TisaneFlavor Profile: A herbal tea blended with intention to kill your thirst. woody ro..
ThreehornFlavor Profile: This tea can do anything it sets its mind to, with bold notes of cherry, w..
Throat Chakra
Throat ChakraFlavor Profile: Open the channels of communication with this soothing mix of mint and f..
Time Adventure
Time AdventureFlavour Profile: You and I will always steep back then, sipping rooibos with friendly ..
Tuscany Pear (Rooibos)
Tuscany Pear (Rooibos)Flavour Profile: Sweet summery pear with rich rooibos woodiness.Ingredients: R..
Underoos  Flavor Profile: Sprightly, this genius tea is leaps and bounds ahead of the re..
Winter Forest
Winter Forest   Flavor Profile: A cup that contains all the aromas and flavors of a ..
Winter Palace Marzipan (Rooibos)
Winter Palace MarzipanFlavor Profile: Enjoy the sweet almond-like flavors in this naturally caffe..
Zephyr  Flavor Profile: Fresh and fearless, let the warm tones of rooibos warm your hear..
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