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MidsummerFlavor Profile: Bask in the warmth of the midsummer sun while sipping this sprightly mix of..
Nutcracker (Rooibos)
Nutcracker Flavor Profile: A luxury Rooibos, with flavors of marzipan and fruit finished ..
On the Waterfront (Herbal Tea)
On The WaterfrontFlavor Profile: An herbal symphony with delicious mint notes, and hints of peach an..
Organic Rooibos Matcha
Like all Matchas, when you consume Organic Rooibos Matcha, you’ll be consuming the leaves thems..
PoisonFlavor Profile: This tisane isn’t actually toxic, but it may give your taste buds a venoshock..
Provence (Rooibos)
Provence (Rooibos) Flavor Profile: Floral and fruity with perfumy lavender notes, intoxicatingly ..
Psychic Abilities and Dreaming
Psychic Abilities and DreamingFlavor Profile: A gentle tisane to help awaken your natural psychic se..
Rainbow (Rooibos)
Rainbow (Rooibos)Flavor Profile: This colorful medley blends flowers and oils to form a veritable..
Rooibos Gift Basket
Rooibos Gift BasketWe've taken the liberty of putting a little something special together. Maybe ..
Rooibos Mustang
Rooibos MustangFlavor Profile: Set your senses on fire with this mix of spice and sweet - chili flak..
SerenityFlavor Profile: Soothing and restful, with chamomile in abundance and a refreshingly light l..
Sleepy Time
Sleepy TimeFlavor Profile: A lullaby in a cup, to help ease you into a good, restful sleep.Ingredien..
Speaker Flavor Profile: She knows all the words because she is smarter than anybody! Don't ..
Spring in Palace de la Madeleine (Rooibos)
Spring in Palace de la Madeleine (Rooibos)Flavour Profile: Notes of fruit and amaretto blended softl..
Thai Lemon Ginger (Rooibos)
Thai Lemon Ginger (Rooibos) Flavor Profile: Tart, tangy, and sweet, this Rooibos will rock your s..
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