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ElevenFlavor Profile: This powerfully tasty chai will blow your mind with its psychic connectio..
FairyFlavor Profile: Let’s snuggle forever in a sweet and floral cuppa Fairy, with notes stolen fro..
Fairytale  Flavor Profile: A floral tisane inspired by ancient tales. Do the Fair Folk m..
FlyerFlavor Profile: A sweet silly of a rooibos, with aromas of coffee, lemon, and flowers. Ingr..
Ginger Bounce (Rooibos)
Ginger Bounce (Rooibos)Flavour Profile: Put a little bounce in your cup! Bright ginger notes with a ..
Good Hope (Rooibos)
Good Hope (Rooibos)Flavour Profile: A woody, gentle cup that is slightly sweet with fruity notes.Ing..
Happy Beeps
Happy Beeps   Flavor Profile: This cheery rooibos has a fun maple and spice profile ..
Hawaiian Colada (Rooibos)
Hawaiian Colada (Rooibos)Flavour Profile: Island coconut sweetness, with hints of rum, and bright pi..
Joyce Flavor Profile: A sweetheart of a tea that will never give up on loved ones. S..
Kat's CONtemplation
Kat’s CONtemplation Flavor Profile: In honor of a friend who made every moment together that..
LammasFlavor Profile: Harvest the fruits of your labors with this sunny and bright rooibos.Ingredien..
LionheartFlavor Profile: Crafted by my son, and named in his honour, this sweet mix of caramel, appl..
Lord of Mischief
Lord of Mischief Flavor Profile: Burdened with glorious flavor. Will you kneel before this green..
Love Like You
Love Like YouFlavor Profile: This tea could do just about anything. Sweet and soothing like a croon..
Marzipan Cookies
Marzipan Cookies   Flavor Profile: A Holiday classic cookie with all the yummy flavo..
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