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Bacchanalia Flavor Profile: all hail the King of May! Pan! Dionysus! Bacchus! Celebrate his joie ..
Bohemian Raspberry
Bohemian RaspberryFlavor Profile: Mama mia, a green tea that won't let you go! Refreshing raspberry ..
Bond’s Loyalty
Flavor Profile: It doesn’t take a psychic to know that this tea will be with you no matter what..
Clawsome  Flavor Profile: This tea will grasp you in it's claws and cuddle you close f..
Foul Fiend
Foul Fiend Flavor Profile: The one your mother told you to stay away from. Sassy raspberry, t..
HuckleberryFlavor Profile: Like eating wild fresh berries off the side of a mountain, tangy raspbe..
Lucas Flavor Profile: A competitive cup of orange bounce, with tart goji berry to bo..
Marvin's Big Kaboom
Marvin's Big Kaboom Flavor Profile: Have you been waiting for an Earth shattering Kaboom for..
MidsummerFlavor Profile: Bask in the warmth of the midsummer sun while sipping this sprightly mix of..
Peregrine Flavor Profile: This woody tisane doesn't merely run laps around all others (on the r..
PoisonFlavor Profile: This tisane isn’t actually toxic, but it may give your taste buds a venoshock..
PredaTea Flavor Profile: This intense black tea will hunt down the strongest of thi..
Raspberry Leaf (herbal tea)
Raspberry Leaf (Herbal Tea)Flavor Profile: Pleasantly grassy. Caffeine Free. Please note that it..
Raspberry Leaves
Raspberry LeavesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Pleasantly grassy.Infusion Color: light green...
Raspberry Lemon Verbena
Raspberry Lemon Verbena Flavor Profile: Ready to fall in love? We've combined the juiciness of dr..
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