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An Inappropriate Cup of Wilder
An Inappropriate Cup of Wilder Flavor Profile: A wry, tangy tea for those days when you must..
Beyond Redemption
Beyond RedemptionFlavor Profile: There are no innocents anymore, not after drinking this tea. This..
Cozy and Warm
Cozy and Warm Flavor Profile: This rich pu erh is for cuddling up under a blanket with. Warm..
DarkFlavor Profile: A wicked blow of black tea and pu erh with a dark pulse of elderflower underto..
Ethiopian Mocha Pu-erh
Ethiopian Mocha Pu-ErhFlavor Profile: This rich blend of Chinese Pu-Erh, coffee, and cocoa is m..
GroundFlavor Profile: Need a little earth power? This gritty blend of pu erh and sencha is sure to ..
Heckfire Club
Heckfire Club Flavor Profile: A tea for us freaks to gather together with. Deep notes..
Hopper Flavor Profile: Mornings are for coffee flavored teas, and contemplation. Thi..
Luke, I am Your Pu Erh
Luke, I am Your Pu Erh   Flavor Profile: Search your Darjeelings, you know it to be ..
Mindflayer Flavor Profile: Dark and smokey, this blend of lapsang and pu erh black t..
NerfherderFlavor Profile: What’s that smell? It’s the Rogue One, with notes of coffee, almond and c..
RoshiFlavor Profile: This musty herbal pu erh is a powerful brew, no matter it’s age. Pay attention..
Saltasaurus Flavor Profile: Crafted in honor of our friends at Yarnaceous, Saltasaurus is a tita..
The Silver Wolf
The Silver WolfFlavor Profile: A gruff-yet-sweet Hojicha and maple mix that will slay your monsters,..
Young Pu-Erh
Young Pu-ErhFlavor Profile: This tea is famed for its medicinal properties. The leaves come from the..
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