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Avatar Korra
Flavor Profile: This avatar’s lesson centers on self-acceptance and the freedom  that com..
Be Mine
Be Mine Flavor Profile: A toe-curling blend of chocolate and strawberry that is impossible to..
Black Dragon
Black Dragon Flavor Profile: This complex blend brews up a black cup, and tastes of a de..
Council of Sisters
Council of SistersFlavor Profile: Strong enough to take you over, despite your best efforts. Sweet..
Marzipan Cookies
Marzipan Cookies   Flavor Profile: A Holiday classic cookie with all the yummy flavo..
Moira Rosé
Flavor Profile: In the lee of picturesque Montreal lies a small unpretentious tea house that p..
Nutcracker (Rooibos)
Nutcracker Flavor Profile: A luxury Rooibos, with flavors of marzipan and fruit finished ..
Peach Apricot
Peach ApricotFlavor Profile: A sumptuous combination of mellow peaches with deep, full flavored apr..
Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal TigerFlavor Profile: Hints of cinnamon, passion fruit, and mango result in a deliciousl..
The Sweet Type
Flavor Profile: The peach and maple warmth of this tea is balanced with apple, mint and rose t..
WaterFlavor Profile: Whether you choose a steam burst or a cooling splishy splashy, this oolong is ..
Winter Palace Marzipan (Rooibos)
Winter Palace MarzipanFlavor Profile: Enjoy the sweet almond-like flavors in this naturally caffe..
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