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Angel's Dream
Angel's DreamFlavor Profile: An ethereal blend of black and green teas touched with sweet maple and ..
Black Currant
Black CurrantFlavor Profile: The classic deep berry flavor of black currants. Super cozy warm, and i..
Drink Me
Drink MeFlavor Profile: Clean cup, move down! The Madhatter invites you to a very merry unbirthday..
E-Tea Flavor Profile: This sweet little chocolate and hazelnut tea will find a home in your ..
GhostFlavor Profile: You are sure to feel a destiny bond with this white tea that is both soft, and..
Hazelnut Vanilla
Hazelnut VanillaFlavor Profile: There are few flavours that compliment one another as smoothly as ri..
Jason Sees Red
Jason Sees RedFlavor Profile: This volatile black tea will attack your fatigue, with peppercorn and..
Long Live the Evil Queens!
Long Live the Evil Queens!Flavor Profile: A toast! to the powerful women who are much maligned for ..
Mike   Flavor Profile: This easy to love tisane has a lot of heart and won’t keep yo..
MmmMmmFlavor Profile: There is nothing to hate about how devilishly good this dark tea tastes: Bla..
Pirate Kingish
Pirate Kingish  Flavor Profile: Well intentioned hazelnut, and sweet vanilla didn't exac..
Speaker Flavor Profile: She knows all the words because she is smarter than anybody! Don't ..
T'Chai-la  Flavor Profile: Wakanda tea is this?! Well, we've combined a chocolate chai..
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