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Brass Dragon
Brass Dragon Flavor Profile: Brass dragons are known for their hospitality, and charming..
Cascadia Herbal (Rooibos)
Cascadia Herbal (Rooibos)Flavour Profile: A soothing blend of Rooibos and herbs that favor physic..
DarkFlavor Profile: A wicked blow of black tea and pu erh with a dark pulse of elderflower underto..
Foul Fiend
Foul Fiend Flavor Profile: The one your mother told you to stay away from. Sassy raspberry, t..
Heels to Die For
Heels to Die ForFlavor Profile: Maybe these aren’t the tea leaves you want when you’re about to ru..
Hello There!
Hello There!   Flavor Profile: This is a civilized tea for a more civilized age. Sof..
Lemon Verbena
Lemon VerbenaPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Dry and fairly herbaceous, with a sweet lemon bac..
Raspberry Lemon Verbena
Raspberry Lemon Verbena Flavor Profile: Ready to fall in love? We've combined the juiciness of dr..
The Way
The WayFlavor Profile: We swear on our name and the names of our ancestors that this white tea will..
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