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BeltaneFlavor Profile: This tea will dance you around the maypole. Rejoice as flowers and spices rai..
Dora's Daydream
Dora’s Daydream Flavor Profile: A silky oolong with jasmine and lavender that drifts pleasan..
French Blend
French BlendFlavor Profile: Rich Assam and sprightly Nilgiri Ceylon blend with leaves from Kenya and..
Lavender Flowers
Lavender FlowersPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: floral, with a distinct aroma.Infusion Color: ..
LemonhopeFlavor Profile: A flavor that will live in your heart. Elderflower, lemon balm, and lavende..
Lightshaded Dreams
Lightshaded DreamsFlavor Profile: Relaxation in a cup, the very flavour of a meditative state. Lovel..
Lovely Dreaming
Lovely Dreaming Flavor Profile: A confection of soothing chamomile, heavenly lavender and ..
PassifloraFlavor Profile: A field of flowers in your cup, whose aromas will settle you into harmonio..
Philosopher's Brew
Philosopher's BrewFlavor Profile: What is the meaning of life? How can one discover the true nature ..
Poet's Blend (Herbal Tea)
Poet’s Blend Flavor Profile: poetry in a cup. With deep floral notes tempered by vanilla an..
Provence (Rooibos)
Provence (Rooibos) Flavor Profile: Floral and fruity with perfumy lavender notes, intoxicatingly ..
SaturnFlavor Profile: This powerful blend of black estate teas can lay waste to enemies, or to your ..
Sleepy Time
Sleepy TimeFlavor Profile: A lullaby in a cup, to help ease you into a good, restful sleep.Ingredien..
T'Chai-la  Flavor Profile: Wakanda tea is this?! Well, we've combined a chocolate chai..
Third Eye Chakra
Third Eye ChakraFlavor Profile: Let the soft tones of lavender and anise gently open your third eye,..
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