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Heels to Die For
Heels to Die ForFlavor Profile: Maybe these aren’t the tea leaves you want when you’re about to ru..
High Tea with Hannibal
High Tea with Hannibal Flavor Profile: A cleverly profound brew, that gets under the skin wi..
HoneybushPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Hints of sweet honey, with a peppery finish.Infusion ..
ImbolcFlavor Profile: Awaken the fires of your creativity, with this spicy floral cup.Ingredients: ..
Iron Megan
Iron MeganFlavor Profile: Named in honor of a surviving hero, Iron Megan is a healthy tisane with a ..
Rooibos Mustang
Rooibos MustangFlavor Profile: Set your senses on fire with this mix of spice and sweet - chili flak..
Tea Law of Exchange
Tea Law of Exchange Flavor Profile: One cannot gain anything without first giving something ..
The Honeypot Shrike
The Honeypot ShrikeFlavor Profile: The sweet delicate notes of honey and linden will tempt you away ..
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