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Angel Falls Mist
Angel Falls Mist Flavor Profile: A delicious blend of lemon and strawberry flavors combin..
AviaryFlavor Profile: This herbal tisane will swoop in when you need a soft lifting of the spirits...
Brass Dragon
Brass Dragon Flavor Profile: Brass dragons are known for their hospitality, and charming..
Egyptian Chamomile (Herbal Tea)
  Egyptian Chamomile   Flavor Profile: Aromatic with a fruity tending floral ..
Gessence of Elfling
Gessence of ElflingFlavor Profile: We have not drained the life essence of adorable, endangere..
Heels to Die For
Heels to Die ForFlavor Profile: Maybe these aren’t the tea leaves you want when you’re about to ru..
Herbal Tea Gift Basket
Herbal Tea Gift BasketWe've taken the liberty of putting a little something special together. Maybe ..
Immortalitea Flavor Profile: An interestingly herbaceous mix with chocolatey notes powerful e..
Flavor Profile: This tea is a strange brew, not unlike the experience of being reborn in a stra..
Labrador (Herbal Tea)
  Labrador Tea   Flavor Profile: Soft woody tones that are soothing, reminisce..
Poet's Blend (Herbal Tea)
Poet’s Blend Flavor Profile: poetry in a cup. With deep floral notes tempered by vanilla an..
Rama Tulsi
Rama Tulsi Flavor Profile: Both spicy and soft, Rama Tulsi is at once mellow, and energizing...
Raspberry Lemon Verbena
Raspberry Lemon Verbena Flavor Profile: Ready to fall in love? We've combined the juiciness of dr..
SerenityFlavor Profile: Soothing and restful, with chamomile in abundance and a refreshingly light l..
Thuja Leaf
Thuja LeafFlavor Profile: A clean, crisp taste of pure cedar. reminiscent of camping, and sunset bon..
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