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Puella Magi Matcha Magica
Flavor Profile: The world can be full of magic and wonder and terror and joy and all sorts of e..
Pumpkin Chai
Pumpkin Chai Flavor Profile: to die for: like drinking an enticingly spiced cup of pumpkin p..
Pumpkin Chai-Hulud
Pumpkin Chai-HuludFlavor Profile: A tea that is dangerous, but gives insight. A tea that unlocks t..
Purple Shard
Purple Shard Flavor Profile: You will need this fruity white tea to..
Red Dragon
Red DragonFlavor Profile: Like the iconic fires of the Red Dragon’s breath weapon, this chai has en..
Roasted Mate Chai
Roasted Mate ChaiFlavour Profile: Chai with an extra kick of mate energy, and all of the spice.In..
Rockbell's Wrench
Rockbell's WrenchFlavor Profile: Beautiful and zesty, this green tea packs a kicky hint of ginger an..
Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal TigerFlavor Profile: Hints of cinnamon, passion fruit, and mango result in a deliciousl..
Speaker Flavor Profile: She knows all the words because she is smarter than anybody! Don't ..
SpiketailFlavor Profile: A gentle tisane, with a lot of heart, Spiketail offers you apples and stra..
T'Chai-la  Flavor Profile: Wakanda tea is this?! Well, we've combined a chocolate chai..
T-2187   Flavor Profile: In it till the end, this tangy raspberry and ginger green t..
Ted's SinceriTea
Flavor Profile: You deserve to see what happens when you drink this strawberry and ginger gree..
Tenzin's Children
Flavor Profile: A passel of flavors that play well together despite their differences. Chocol..
Thai Lemon Ginger (Rooibos)
Thai Lemon Ginger (Rooibos) Flavor Profile: Tart, tangy, and sweet, this Rooibos will rock your s..
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