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AviaryFlavor Profile: This herbal tisane will swoop in when you need a soft lifting of the spirits...
Baby Blue
Baby BlueFlavor Profile: Who’s a clever one? You are! This blue brew is sharp as a razor, and yet..
BigfootFlavor Profile: Walk the secret paths of the woods with Big Foot as your guide to discover ..
Drink Me
Drink MeFlavor Profile: Clean cup, move down! The Madhatter invites you to a very merry unbirthday..
Heels to Die For
Heels to Die ForFlavor Profile: Maybe these aren’t the tea leaves you want when you’re about to ru..
JackalopeFlavor Profile: Like the tines of a Jackalope’s antlers, the flavors of apple, carrot, tu..
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil Flavor Profile: Whether or not you believe in a cursed bewinged goatman or not, thi..
Kidnap the Santy Claws
Kidnap the Santy Claws Flavor Profile: An unnatural fusion of Christmas cookie cheer and spoopy ..
Long Live the Evil Queens!
Long Live the Evil Queens!Flavor Profile: A toast! to the powerful women who are much maligned for ..
MososaurusFlavor Profile: An enjoyable fit of pique in your cup, with the tang of tulsi and the sma..
MothmanFlavor Profile: An omen of flavors to come. This tea has a wide wingspan of flavors, ranging..
My Wayward Sons
My Wayward SonsFlavor Profile: On the road so far, we've fought a lot of monsters, and processed a l..
NessieFlavor Profile: This elusively floral white tea will softly slip in and out of your day, leav..
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