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MmmMmmFlavor Profile: There is nothing to hate about how devilishly good this dark tea tastes: Bla..
MothmanFlavor Profile: An omen of flavors to come. This tea has a wide wingspan of flavors, ranging..
NeptuneFlavor Profile: Like the deep seas, this tisane will surely quench your thirst, and hold a mi..
NessieFlavor Profile: This elusively floral white tea will softly slip in and out of your day, leav..
Ohana Means Family
Ohana Means FamilyFlavor Profile: This  blueberry may have a ginger bite but it is sweet at h..
Oops, All Tentacles
Flavor Profile: I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen this movie before. Anyhow, despite the, ah, colo..
OstaraFlavor Profile: All the energies of the awakening and fertile earth of spring await you in thi..
Prince of Wales
Prince of WalesFlavor Profile: Full bodied and regal, this blend of Assam, Ceylon, Gunpowder green t..
Purple Shard
Purple Shard Flavor Profile: You will need this fruity white tea to..
Rainbow (Rooibos)
Rainbow (Rooibos)Flavor Profile: This colorful medley blends flowers and oils to form a veritable..
Raspberry Lemon Verbena
Raspberry Lemon Verbena Flavor Profile: Ready to fall in love? We've combined the juiciness of dr..
Root Chakra
Root ChakraFlavor Profile: A cup of comfort, with familiar notes of bergamot toned down by earthy ho..
Russian Earl Grey
Russian Earl GreyFlavor Profile: All natural Thai Lemongrass and Spanish Orange infuse premium Earl ..
Saltasaurus Flavor Profile: Crafted in honor of our friends at Yarnaceous, Saltasaurus is a tita..
SamhainFlavor Profile: Rich Pomegranate and vanilla are complimented by fall notes of lime and sunfl..
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