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Chai-Os Teaory
Chai-Os TeaoryFlavor Profile: Well, uh, there it is. This hot-tea is a blend of sharp-witted chai,..
DemogorgonFlavor Profile: Like a demon from another dimension, this tisane is full of sweet flo..
Forgemaster Flavor Profile: In a way, a pure creature that doesn't act with malice, and yet..
Flavor Profile: This smoky tea has a bite to it hidden behind a coat of red berries. Be careful..
Jason Sees Red
Jason Sees RedFlavor Profile: This volatile black tea will attack your fatigue, with peppercorn and..
Jersey Devil
Jersey Devil Flavor Profile: Whether or not you believe in a cursed bewinged goatman or not, thi..
Piccolo Flavor Profile: A tea for those fighting for what is right, no matter what! Spicy an..
Pirate Kingish
Pirate Kingish  Flavor Profile: Well intentioned hazelnut, and sweet vanilla didn't exac..
Red Dragon
Red DragonFlavor Profile: Like the iconic fires of the Red Dragon’s breath weapon, this chai has en..
Rooibos Mustang
Rooibos MustangFlavor Profile: Set your senses on fire with this mix of spice and sweet - chili flak..
TeanomorphsFlavor Profile: The Queen Mother invites you to tea with a burst of bright red strawber..
Tenzin's Children
Flavor Profile: A passel of flavors that play well together despite their differences. Chocol..
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