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Black Blade
Black Blade Flavor Profile: The ultimate symbol of dominance against your enemies, and your fat..
Bond’s Loyalty
Flavor Profile: It doesn’t take a psychic to know that this tea will be with you no matter what..
DragonFlavor Profile: This spicy roar of time and space will help you connect with tails, scales, a..
JackalopeFlavor Profile: Like the tines of a Jackalope’s antlers, the flavors of apple, carrot, tu..
Moira Rosé
Flavor Profile: In the lee of picturesque Montreal lies a small unpretentious tea house that p..
My Wayward Sons
My Wayward SonsFlavor Profile: On the road so far, we've fought a lot of monsters, and processed a l..
NerfherderFlavor Profile: What’s that smell? It’s the Rogue One, with notes of coffee, almond and c..
No Gold Dragons, huh?
No Gold Dragons, Huh?Flavor Profile: A wonderful and sunny cup to hail one more new thing, one more ..
Peregrine Flavor Profile: This woody tisane doesn't merely run laps around all others (on the r..
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