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Crown Chakra
Crown ChakraFlavor Profile: Align with your higher self with this pure white tea, chosen to help you..
Heart Chakra
Heart ChakraFlavor Profile: Let this softly floral green tea open your heart, so that your emotions ..
Navel Chakra
Navel ChakraFlavor Profile: Stirr up the energies of your navel chakra with this warm cup of orange ..
Root Chakra
Root ChakraFlavor Profile: A cup of comfort, with familiar notes of bergamot toned down by earthy ho..
Solar Plexus Chakra
Solar Plexus ChakraFlavor Profile: Stoke the flame of your solar plexus chakra with this spicy blend..
Third Eye Chakra
Third Eye ChakraFlavor Profile: Let the soft tones of lavender and anise gently open your third eye,..
Throat Chakra
Throat ChakraFlavor Profile: Open the channels of communication with this soothing mix of mint and f..
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