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 Billy  Flavor Profile: This tea brings a bit of bad boy spicy orange to your cup,..
Bond’s Loyalty
Flavor Profile: It doesn’t take a psychic to know that this tea will be with you no matter what..
Carob Bean Pieces
Carob Bean PiecesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Chocolatey and sweet.Infusion Color: light ye..
Chocolate Pomander
Chocolate Pomander   Flavor Profile: We dare you to resist this lush hojicha, with w..
E-Tea Flavor Profile: This sweet little chocolate and hazelnut tea will find a home in your ..
Emo Knight
Emo Knight   Flavor Profile: Do you feel it again, a pull to the tea cabinet? You ar..
Immortalitea Flavor Profile: An interestingly herbaceous mix with chocolatey notes powerful e..
Justice for Rhubarb
Justice for Rhubarb Flavor Profile: This one is for the friend who deserved so much ..
LionheartFlavor Profile: Crafted by my son, and named in his honour, this sweet mix of caramel, appl..
Max Flavor Profile: You’ll be running up that hill with this profound oolong, with bold ..
My Wayward Sons
My Wayward SonsFlavor Profile: On the road so far, we've fought a lot of monsters, and processed a l..
Orange Spice (Decaf)
Orange Spice (Decaf)Flavor Profile:Smooth delicious character with superb orange flavor that is en..
RavenstagFlavor Profile: Dark, lush and seductive, this predatory tea will consume you, and you wil..
The Red Lioness
The Red LionessFlavor Profile: This brave tea leads by example, and bows to none, with heady notes o..
Tiny Temptations
Tiny Temptations Flavor Profile: Sinfully delicious, painful to say no to. Chocolate, ch..
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