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Baby Blue
Baby BlueFlavor Profile: Who’s a clever one? You are! This blue brew is sharp as a razor, and yet..
Black Dragon
Black Dragon Flavor Profile: This complex blend brews up a black cup, and tastes of a de..
Blue Moon
Blue MoonFlavor Profile: Crafted in honor of the 25th anniversary of Crescent Moon School, this tea ..
Blue Pea Butterfly Flower
Blue Pea Butterfly FlowerPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Smooth vegetable flavour.Infusion Col..
FlyingFlavor Profile: Coming in on a tail wind of taste, this softly floral white tea is sure t..
Lord of Mischief
Lord of Mischief Flavor Profile: Burdened with glorious flavor. Will you kneel before this green..
Magical Hero Transformation Sequence
Flavor Profile: While that sparkly person over there has their transformation sequence, you may..
Ohana Means Family
Ohana Means FamilyFlavor Profile: This  blueberry may have a ginger bite but it is sweet at h..
Oops, All Tentacles
Flavor Profile: I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen this movie before. Anyhow, despite the, ah, colo..
PoisonFlavor Profile: This tisane isn’t actually toxic, but it may give your taste buds a venoshock..
PsychicFlavor Profile: Our future sight is telling us you will love the energy kick from this mix o..
Pumpkin Chai-Hulud
Pumpkin Chai-HuludFlavor Profile: A tea that is dangerous, but gives insight. A tea that unlocks t..
Purple Shard
Purple Shard Flavor Profile: You will need this fruity white tea to..
Tea Law of Exchange
Tea Law of Exchange Flavor Profile: One cannot gain anything without first giving something ..
Transforming Potion of Transformation
Transforming Potion of Transformation Flavor Profile: A unique blend of orange and mint, with..
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