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Rhubarb Cream
Rhubarb CreamFlavor Profile: An exquisite flavour reminiscent of fresh rhubarb pie. Sweet, tart, and..
Rose Flavor Profile: A simply lovely tea, especially for afternoons with good friends. Delicious ..
Rose Jubilee
Rose JubileeFlavor Profile: A bouquet of roses, presented with the very best of intentions, even i..
SparklesFlavor Profile: Just can't wait to be Queen? Treat yourself like one with this delectable ..
Stronger Than You
Stronger Than YouFlavor Profile: An experience. A conversation. The fusion of blueberry and strawbe..
Team Sassy Science
Team Sassy Science Flavor Profile: Curiosity killed the cat, forensics told us how. This playful..
The Lilac Raven
The Lilac RavenFlavor Profile: Beautiful Lavender, and powerful blackberry wind their enchantment in..
The Longest Night (Yule)
  The Longest Night (Yule)   Flavor Profile: To drive the cold winter away, we ..
The Mechanic
The MechanicFlavor Profile: This sweet and tart tea will fix everything that is broken about your ..
Thorn’s Balm
Flavor Profile: It takes so much energy, kicking butt at everything you do. Why not take a mome..
ThreehornFlavor Profile: This tea can do anything it sets its mind to, with bold notes of cherry, w..
Tiny Temptations
Tiny Temptations Flavor Profile: Sinfully delicious, painful to say no to. Chocolate, ch..
Twyla's Tropical
Flavor Profile: One foot on the ground, one foot on the pedal, and then get the heck out of he..
Uma Gahd
Uma GahdFlavor Profile: Crafted in honor of our favorite Drag Queen of the North, this purple brew h..
Underoos  Flavor Profile: Sprightly, this genius tea is leaps and bounds ahead of the re..
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