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AviaryFlavor Profile: This herbal tisane will swoop in when you need a soft lifting of the spirits...
Baby Blue
Baby BlueFlavor Profile: Who’s a clever one? You are! This blue brew is sharp as a razor, and yet..
Chai-Os Teaory
Chai-Os TeaoryFlavor Profile: Well, uh, there it is. This hot-tea is a blend of sharp-witted chai,..
Grant Denied
Grant DeniedFlavor Profile: Upon further consideration, we have decided not to endorse any tea ..
Heels to Die For
Heels to Die ForFlavor Profile: Maybe these aren’t the tea leaves you want when you’re about to ru..
MososaurusFlavor Profile: An enjoyable fit of pique in your cup, with the tang of tulsi and the sma..
Saltasaurus Flavor Profile: Crafted in honor of our friends at Yarnaceous, Saltasaurus is a tita..
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