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ImbolcFlavor Profile: Awaken the fires of your creativity, with this spicy floral cup.Ingredients: ..
In Another Castle
In Another CastleFlavor Profile: Your princess might be in another castle, but your tea is right her..
Irish Breakfast
Irish BreakfastFlavour profile: A bright and coppery blend of Ceylon and Assam teas, that blends ..
Island Coconut
Island Coconut Flavor Profile: This sweet and full-bodied tea is just what you need if you crav..
Jarvis  Flavor Profile: Refreshing and sweet, with a hint of citrus sarcasm, and always..
JupiterFlavor Profile: Your new best friend, with cheery citrus notes of orange and lemongrass, and ..
Kenilworth Flavor Profile: Strong, full-bodied, and malty, considered to be the ‘hallmark’ o..
Kilmory Whiskey
Kilmory Whiskey  Flavor Profile: Malty like a proper Scottish Whiskey, with a hint of sm..
Kimpossibly Awesome Earl Grey Vanilla Chai
Kimpossibly Awesome Earl Grey Vanilla ChaiFlavour Profile: All the grounding comfort of a Cream E..
Lady Londonderry
Lady LondonderryFlavor Profile: A sweet cup of elegance - hints of lemon and sumptuous strawberry ma..
Lapsang Souchong Butterfly
Lapsang Souchong ButerflyFlavor Profile: This strongly aromatic tea is made of smoked tea leaves, wh..
Le Marché Spice
Le Marché SpiceFlavor Profile: An excellent spice tea with delicious fruit notes, and hot hints of c..
Leader of the Pack
Leader of the PackFlavor Profile: This blend is for those of us who have been there, done that, and ..
Lemon Ginger
Lemon GingerFlavor Profile: The tart tangy lemon is as balanced by the heat and flavour of ginger as..
LionheartFlavor Profile: Crafted by my son, and named in his honour, this sweet mix of caramel, appl..
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