Half a Soul - signed Copy!

Half a Soul - signed Copy!

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Half a Soul - signed Copy!

Half a Soul: Pride and Prejudice meets Howl’s Moving Castle in this enthralling historical fantasy romance, where the only thing more meddlesome than faeries is a marriage-minded mama.

Our praise for Half a Soul:

"My one complaint is how impossible to put down this incredible charming Regency Romance was. 5 out of 5 claws."
- Baroness Adelaide Periwinkle

Olivia Atwater is a regular at high tea with the dinosaurs of Thesaurus Tea. As such, we often have her sign books while she is here. Since all of the dinos now have their own copies, we have begun selling the occasional extra signed book, with Mrs Atwater's compliments. Mostly, of course, we pay her in tea. She drinks an awful lot of tea.

Discerning customers may add 50g of our fandom blends for "Half a Soul" to their signed copy at a one-time discount. Dora's Daydream* is a light, lovely tea for everyday drinking, while An Inappropriate Cup of Wilder** is a wry, tangy tea for those days when you must accomplish three impossible things before breakfast. The Hens*** is a meddlesome tisane best served when gossiping and match-making.

As we are socially-responsible dinos, personalized copies are sadly unavailable until high tea gatherings are once again safe.

For further information on Olivia Atwater and her books, visit oliviaatwater.com.

*Dora's Daydream contains oolong, jasmine buds and lavender petals.
**An Inappropriate Cup of Wilder contains black tea (pu erh), lemon balm, dandelion leaves, pink peppercorn, ginger root, and lemon pieces.
***The Hens contains chamomile, bamboo, pineapple, and cornflowers.

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