Ancient Avatars

Ancient Avatars
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Avatar Aang
Flavor Profile: A journey of self-growth, friendship and courage, as told through playful bana..
Avatar Kiyoshi
Avatar KiyoshiFlavor Profile: A tale of growth and coming to great inner strength and balance; Kiyos..
Avatar Korra
Flavor Profile: This avatar’s lesson centers on self-acceptance and the freedom  that com..
Avatar Kuruk
Avatar KurukFlavor Profile: A passionate story, told through tea leaves: Tulsi brings in the spirit ..
Avatar Roku
Avatar RokuFlavor Profile: Known for his patience and discipline, Roku is a remarkably well-balanced..
Avatar YangChen
Avatar YangChenFlavor Profile: Known for her wisdom, patience, and her pacifism, Yangchen was powerf..
For Mako
Flavor Profile: The key to wisdom, and tea, is proper aging. This green tea is a balance of j..
Tenzin's Children
Flavor Profile: A passel of flavors that play well together despite their differences. Chocol..
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