About Us

In the beginning...

Sometime in the late Cretaceous period, give or take a few million years, I realized that I was different from other dinosaurs. Sure, I enjoyed the hunting and devouring of lesser dinosaurs, like any sensible Tyrannosaur would, but I was left feeling rather unfulfilled. Day-to-day living seemed awfully hum-drum, and after a while, being the most efficient predator around lost its meaning to me.

Depressed, I wandered. I found myself watching other dinosaurs (rather than simply eating them) and made a life-changing discovery upon meeting Nanny Gyokurosaurus Dinovert: tea. It would naturally take an herbivore to teach me the wisdom of tea, and I remain ever-grateful to her for showing me the way. Together we gathered other like-minded dinosaurs to share our very favourite recipes under a banner of truce and not-devouring one another.

That was how Thésaurus Tea began. Ever since, we have been on the hunt for fine teas from around the world. It is our mission to share this wonderful discovery with one and all.


Personnel Profiles:

Earl Ceylon Harringtea: The founder and CEO of Thésaurus Tea, this tyrannosaurus rex is truly a king among lizards. He is partial to black teas and is an excellent party host.

Nanny Gyokurosaurus Dinovert: This sweet triceratops is a long-time fan of green teas, knitted shawls, and deep philosophical discussions.

Lady Blanche von Somethingorother:  As a lady of refined tastes, this stegosaurus exclusively drinks white teas. She is personally responsible for keeping us a class act.

Sir Wingston Herbadon:  Our lovable scarf-wearing pterosaur has such a vast knowledge of herbal teas that he was knighted for it.

Chauncey Sippington III:  No one is sure when this jazzy brachiosaur joined the team, but everyone can agree that his choices of Rooibos are always fantastic.

Madame Vivi Glitteraptor:  Vivi may be our tiniest member, but she has one of the biggest hearts, especially when it comes to her love of decaffeinated teas. After all, everyone knows that you should never, ever, give a velociraptor caffeine.

Baroness Adelaide Periwinkle:  The Baroness is something of a mystery. Where did she come from? How did she learn to blend teas? Where does she get those excellent hats?  All we know is that we'd be lost without her.