Malawi Green Banda Matcha

Malawi Green Banda Matcha

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In terms of perfect locations for growing tea, the mountains of Malawi’s Thyolo district are right up there with the Assam Valley, Darjeeling, Fujian and Kenya’s Rift Valley. Conditions in the region are ideal–the soil is nutrient rich, sunlight is bright and there is enough rainfall to all but negate the need for irrigation.


On the nose, the infusion is bright with hints of grass. In the cup the tea is thick and rich, laced with notes of honey and moss. Fresh and lively tea flavor with mild pear notes. Light astringent finish.

 Hot tea brewing method:

Bring filtered or freshly drawn water to a rolling boil and let cool to roughly 180°F/82°C. Place approximately of a teaspoon of Matcha in your cup. Infuse with 8oz/250ml of water, whisk briskly and enjoy.

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