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Awaken the Muse
Awaken the MuseFlavor Profile: Crafted in honor of NaNoWriMo, a tea so wondrously mysterious as to t..
Cream Earl Grey
Cream Earl Grey  Flavor Profile: A taste that’s smooth with vanilla overtones that..
Cream Vanilla
Cream VanillaFlavour profile: A decadently creamy cup, with a rich fresh vanilla taste you will s..
Mana Matcha Potion
Mana Matcha PotionFlavor Profile: Need a boost to your spirit energy? Mana matcha is just what you..
Pirate Kingish
Pirate Kingish  Flavor Profile: Well intentioned hazelnut, and sweet vanilla didn't exac..
Sophie's Bean
Sophie’s Bean Flavor Profile: this is a blend of green and black teas that has deep notes o..
Vanilla Green
Vanilla Green Flavor Profile: Virtually a cuddle in a cup, this deep green tea is wrapped in warm va..
Versailles Lavender Earl Grey
Versailles Lavender Earl Grey Flavor Profile: A floral take on an English classic – French L..
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