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Izu Green Matcha
Izu Green Matcha Flavor Profile: Our Izu Green Matcha has jammy-like soothness, with a very ..
Japanese Sencha Kakagawa
Sencha Kakagawa   Flavor Profile: A true example of Japanese tea, yield..
Jarvis  Flavor Profile: Refreshing and sweet, with a hint of citrus sarcasm, and always..
Jasmine Canouan Green Matcha
Jasmine Canouan Green Matcha Flavor Profile: Exceptional smooth green tea with enchanting no..
Jasmine Gold Dragon
Jasmine Gold DragonFlavor Profile: Exquisite Jasmine character on a seasonal green tea. This particu..
Jasmine Green Tea Minhou (Decaf)
Jasmine Green Tea Minhou (Decaf)Flavour Profile: Based on a Japanese style Sencha, and decaffeinated..
Jasmine Orchard Oolong
Jasmine Orchard OolongFlavor Profile: Unforgettable: Orchid oolong notes blend with floral jasmine, ..
Jasmine with Flowers
Jasmine with Flowers Flavor Profile: A soothing floral infusion, enhanced with actual jas..
JupiterFlavor Profile: Your new best friend, with cheery citrus notes of orange and lemongrass, and ..
Kenilworth Flavor Profile: Strong, full-bodied, and malty, considered to be the ‘hallmark’ o..
Kenya Black Matcha
Unburdened by the more rigid traditions and expectations placed on tea production in China and ..
Kenya Green Flamingo Matcha
As well-known as Kenya is for its flamingos, Kapchorua is known for its fabulous leaf. The estate w..
Kenya White Rhino Matcha
Kenya White Rhino Matcha   Flavor Profile: thick and rich with wonderfully..
Kimpossibly Awesome Earl Grey Vanilla Chai
Kimpossibly Awesome Earl Grey Vanilla ChaiFlavour Profile: All the grounding comfort of a Cream E..
Kukicha Twig
Kukicha TwigFlavor Profile: Sweet and nutty, and a really great to boost your health. Very low in ca..
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