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Provence (Rooibos)
Provence (Rooibos) Flavor Profile: Floral and fruity with perfumy lavender notes, intoxicatingly ..
Pufflehuff Flavor Profile: Sweet like kindness, rewarding like a loyal friendship, this tea ..
Pumpkin Chai
Pumpkin Chai Flavor Profile: to die for: like drinking an enticingly spiced cup of pumpkin p..
Pumpkin Spice
Pumpkin SpiceFlavor Profile: The Spice must flow. Cinnamon and pumpkin is the quintessential taste o..
Ravenwing Flavor Profile: As light and airy as a thought, this tisane’s fresh tastes of lemo..
Rose Flavor Profile: A simply lovely tea, especially for afternoons with good friends. Delicious ..
Rose Buds and Petals
Rose Buds and PetalsPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Light floral notes that linger.Infusion Co..
RosehipsPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Lightly fruity, a little tangy, with pear-ish notes.In..
Rosemary Leaves
Rosemary LeavesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: savoury and vegetative.Infusion Color: Clear to..
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose
Sencha Kyoto Cherry RoseFlavor Profile: A blend of high quality sencha with sweet cherry flavouring ..
Strawberry Kiwi
Strawberry Kiwi Flavor Profile: The perfect blend to evoke summertime by the pool - fresh and swe..
Summer Breeze
Summer Breeze Flavor Profile: Lemony and sweet, without being overly bold.  Makes a lovely t..
Tea Law of Exchange
Tea Law of Exchange Flavor Profile: One cannot gain anything without first giving something ..
Team Sassy Science
Team Sassy Science Flavor Profile: Curiosity killed the cat, forensics told us how. This playful..
The Bentley
The Bentley Flavor Profile: The perfect ride - a fruit and spice chai tempered with rock and ..
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