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Angel Flavor Profile: A sweet darling of a strawberries and cream tea that you will want to c..
Fine, I'm a Tea Now
Fine, I'm a Tea Now  Flavor Profile: Sarcastic to a fault, but stays with you to the end..
Hisslekiss Flavor Profile: oolong and gynostemma conspire with berries, currants and herbs to make..
I'm Peach Mint
I'm Peach MintFlavor Profile: Tastes like justice, peaches and mint, blended with a fine oolong (bec..
It's Over Isn't It
It’s over isn’t ItFlavor Profile: A tea to comfort you, when moving on is hard. The aroma of flower..
Jasmine Orchard Oolong
Jasmine Orchard OolongFlavor Profile: Unforgettable: Orchid oolong notes blend with floral jasmine, ..
JupiterFlavor Profile: Your new best friend, with cheery citrus notes of orange and lemongrass, and ..
Kenya White Rhino Matcha
Kenya White Rhino Matcha   Flavor Profile: thick and rich with wonderfully..
MoonFlavor Profile: With peaches, cream, and a hint of spice, this tea is ready to right wrongs and ..
Orange Blossom Oolong
 Orange Blossom OolongFlavour Profile: A golden cup with fruity jasmine notes, and a romanti..
Quangzhou Milk Oolong
Quangzhou Milk OolongFlavor Profile: Imagine if velvet took liquid form and was blended with a swe..
Se Chung Oolong
Se Chung OolongFlavor Profile: Delicate notes of Ti Kuan Yin style flavour combined with a slight he..
The Red Lioness
The Red LionessFlavor Profile: This brave tea leads by example, and bows to none, with heady notes o..
Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong
Ti Kuan Yin Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong Flavor Profile: Ti Kuan Yin is sweet, and finishes with ..
Total Recall
Total Recall Flavor Profile: This brew is sure to help set your senses straight, and ignite you..
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