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Jasmine Petals
Jasmine PetalsPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Very mild floral notesInfusion Color: Very sligh..
Jasmine with Flowers
Jasmine with Flowers Flavor Profile: A soothing floral infusion, enhanced with actual jas..
JupiterFlavor Profile: Your new best friend, with cheery citrus notes of orange and lemongrass, and ..
Orange Blossom Oolong
 Orange Blossom OolongFlavour Profile: A golden cup with fruity jasmine notes, and a romanti..
Rhubarb Cream
Rhubarb CreamFlavor Profile: An exquisite flavour reminiscent of fresh rhubarb pie. Sweet, tart, and..
Stronger Than You
Stronger Than YouFlavor Profile: An experience. A conversation. The fusion of blueberry and strawbe..
Team Sassy Science
Team Sassy Science Flavor Profile: Curiosity killed the cat, forensics told us how. This playful..
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