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Piccolo Flavor Profile: A tea for those fighting for what is right, no matter what! Spicy an..
PlutoFlavor Profile: This tea begs one to contemplate the limits of space and time, and encourages o..
Prince of Wales
Prince of WalesFlavor Profile: Full bodied and regal, this blend of Assam, Ceylon, Gunpowder green t..
Romeo and Juliet Green Tea Hearts
Romeo and Juliet Green Tea Hearts Flavor Profile:  Like the classic tale, but with a happy e..
Sencha Kyoto Cherry Rose
Sencha Kyoto Cherry RoseFlavor Profile: A blend of high quality sencha with sweet cherry flavouring ..
Snowy Mountain Jian
Snowy Mountain JianFlavor Profile: Smoother than most green teas, with a hint of silver-tip, this he..
Sophie's Bean
Sophie’s Bean Flavor Profile: this is a blend of green and black teas that has deep notes o..
Superior Gunpowder
Superior Gunpowder Flavor Profile:  Experience one of Zhejiang's finest offerings, with surp..
The Lilac Raven
The Lilac RavenFlavor Profile: Beautiful Lavender, and powerful blackberry wind their enchantment in..
The Silver Wolf
The Silver WolfFlavor Profile: A gruff-yet-sweet Hojicha and maple mix that will slay your monsters,..
Vanilla Green
Vanilla Green Flavor Profile: Virtually a cuddle in a cup, this deep green tea is wrapped in warm va..
You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Green Tea
You Wouldnt Like Me When Im Green Tea   Flavor Profile: A green tea wi..
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