Custom Blending Additives

Custom Blending Additives

Are you looking to create a custom tea blend of your very own? This is where you belong!

This is how it works:

  1.  Purchase any of our teas from the rest of the site.
  2.  Select as many Additives from this section as you like.
  3.  Leave us a comment before you check out with whether you want the Additives blended into your tea for you, (or which tea, if you've picked several).
  4.  Enjoy!

If you aren't sure, or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at so that we can help you out!

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Raspberry Leaves
Raspberry LeavesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Pleasantly grassy.Infusion Color: light green...
Roasted Mate
Roasted MatePortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Full-bodied and smooth, with a noted coffee-like f..
Rose Buds and Petals
Rose Buds and PetalsPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Light floral notes that linger.Infusion Co..
RosehipsPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Lightly fruity, a little tangy, with pear-ish notes.In..
Rosemary Leaves
Rosemary LeavesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: savoury and vegetative.Infusion Color: Clear to..
Sage Leaves
Sage LeavesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Savoury, with hints of an english herb garden. Dry ..
Slippery Elm Bark
Slippery Elm BarkPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Virtually tasteless, has a thick, porridge-li..
Spearmint Leaves
Spearmint LeavesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Strongly minty, cool, and fresh. Infusion Colo..
Star Anise
Star AnisePortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile:  sweet, lingering licorice flavour.Infusion Col..
Sunflower Petals
Sunflower PetalsPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: A light flavour with a musty honey finish.Infu..
Thyme Leaves
Thyme LeavesPortion: one teaspoon.Flavor Profile: Herbaceous, with earthy-mint undertones.Infusion C..
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