Better than Davey Jones Buttered Rum

Better than Davey Jones Buttered Rum

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Better than Davey Jones' Buttered Rum

Flavor Profile: Tropical coconut, a splash of rum extract, and Caribbean caramel infuse with a Ceylon tea as black as a pirate's flag. 

Ingredients: Black tea, calendula and sunflower petals, natural flavours.

Brewing instructions: Bring water to 100º. Use 1tsp of loose tea per cup. Steep 3-5 minutes.

No one is quite sure who first decided to add butter to a cup of warm rum but we’re sure glad they did. What is known is that the drink was developed sometime in the 1800’s by fishermen somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard. Cooks on board the fishing schooners would usually make a quick breakfast of dried fish, bread, and whatever else was available on board and provide a hot cup of buttered rum to wash it down with. The warm drink would warm up the men before they headed above deck to begin the day’s work. At lunchtime, the same process would be repeated as it would be at dinnertime, and then yet again before hitting bed. Somewhere in between doses of rum these rugged souls even found time to fish. Not only would the butter add certain heartiness to the rum, it also gave it a delicious creamy taste that complemented the sweetness of the liquor wonderfully. It goes without saying that our version, blended here with a good strong Ceylon is the perfect drink to brew when the sky threatens thunder and rain. Serve it nice and hot with a dash of milk to real

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